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We are India's oldest and leading Quartz Slab Manufacturer. We provide Quartz Surface with the highest quality control standards.

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What is Quartz Engineered Stone?

Quartz Engineered Stone, commonly known as engineered stone or composite stone, represents a sophisticated composite material meticulously created by amalgamating crushed stone fragments through a binding adhesive. Notably, the composition of most quartz slab adheres to a formulation ratio of approximately 93% crushed stone amalgamated with 7% pigmentation and resin content.

The distinguishing hallmark of engineered stone lies in its striking semblance to natural stone. A subtle nuance distinguishes the two, however, in that engineered stone boasts a remarkable uniformity in both its pattern and coloration—a characteristic that sets it apart from natural stone, renowned for its inherent variations in patterns, hues, and colors. Engineered quartz, being an artfully created product, ensures a consistent visual aesthetic across all slabs, minimizing any divergences in appearance.

Our Engineered Quartz Ranges...

Assorted Range

Almond Roca_edited_edited.jpg

Bianco Beige

Manhattan Gray_edited.jpg

Magnum Grey

Desert Bloom_edited.jpg

Radiant Brown

Bayshore sand.PNG

Bayshore Sand

Mesa Dune_edited.jpg

Mesa Dune



Evening gray_edited.jpg

Evening Gray

Mocha creme_edited.jpg

Delight Moca

frost white_edited.jpg

Cosmic White


Almond Beige

Iced white_edited.jpg

Polar white

odyssey gray_edited.jpg

Galaxy grey

Contact us :

905 Embassy Centre,

207 Jamnalal Bajaj Marg,

Nariman Point Mumbai, MH 400 020

Ph : 022-2282 1557/ 1553

Office Hours: 9am-6pm

Monday - Saturday

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