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About Us:

Starrox Industries stands as the vanguard of Quartz Engineered Stone (QES) manufacturing in India, boasting a legacy as the oldest and one of the largest establishments in this sector. Since its inception in 2006 of our first production line in Himachal Pradesh, Starrox Industries has been instrumental in introducing QES to the Indian market, thus ushering in a new era of modern stone technology within architecture and design.

Central to Starrox Industries' distinction is its meticulous selection of premier quartz aggregates sourced from quarries spanning the breadth of India. With an unwavering commitment to the fusion of color, texture, and durability, the company places paramount emphasis on crafting QES products that exemplify aesthetics.

At the core of Starrox Industries' ethos lies an exhaustive regimen of quality control protocols, assiduously applied to each and every slab. This rigorous scrutiny ensures that the colors, hues, and textures of the QES slabs remain consistent, upholding the highest standards that have become synonymous with the Starrox name.

By perpetually merging technological advances with the artistry of stone, Starrox Industries continues to redefine the possibilities of architectural magnificence, captivating the senses and elevating environments through the enduring allure of Quartz Engineered Stone


Our Process

The fabrication process of Starrox Quartz Engineered Stone (QES) surfaces exemplifies a paradigm of uncompromising excellence, commencing with the discerning procurement of raw materials and culminating in a meticulous final quality validation. Orchestrated by a cadre of profoundly skilled and rigorously trained personnel, this process sets an indelible benchmark of quality in the industry. Anchored in a patented technology of singular uniqueness, Starrox's Quartz Engineered Stone manufacturing stands as a pioneering endeavor within India.


  • Initiated with a methodical assessment, incoming raw materials, comprising both stone aggregates and resin raw materials, undergo thorough scrutiny. The transformation of quartz crystals into sorted granules of diverse sizes follows. It is pivotal to note that Starrox holds a singular distinction in India as the sole Quartz Manufacturer boasting an In-house Resin Manufacturing Unit.

  • The fusion of Quartz and Resins is then precisely cast within custom-sized molds, followed by a process of compaction utilizing a robust hydraulic press. This procedure yields sheets of stone imbued with both structural integrity and aesthetic allure. Following casting, a precise curing regimen is executed within an advanced oven, succeeded by calibration to exacting gauging standards—a process seamlessly managed by our state-of-the-art calibrating line.

  • The calibrated sheets then traverse an evolutionary phase through a sophisticated 16-head European polishing line, culminating in the perpetual bestowal of an impeccable gloss. Only subsequent to these transformative stages does each sheet undergo comprehensive scrutiny via a battery of stringent inspections and exacting quality control protocols, thus affirming its flawless readiness for dispatch.

Starrox Industries' commitment to crafting Quartz Engineered Stone surfaces encompasses a fusion of technological prowess, artisanal expertise, and rigorous quality assurance, defining benchmarks of excellence in the domain.

Our Quality Guarantee

  • We stand behind our products, offering an expansive warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Each individual slab that emerges from our production line undergoes a process of rigorous quality assessment, evaluated against a 6-stage checklist. This checklist encompasses critical factors such as Thickness, Color Consistency, Bending Resilience, Strength, Endurance, UV Stability, and Heat Resistance.

  • Furthermore, our dedication to excellence has earned the recognition and endorsement of esteemed institutions, most notably the Indian Institute of Technology, which has validated our products and the standards to which we adhere

  • To underline our commitment to quality management and continuous improvement, we proudly maintain our ISO-9001 certification.


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